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Traditional Acrylics Are Dead

The shock! The horror! Traditional acrylics are dead? Yes, they are, but note I put emphasis on traditional. Traditional acrylics using ethyl methacrylate (EMA) are quickly going the way of the dinosaur because of their offensive, powerful odors and lacking features when compared to new up & comers. You may not know EMA by its name but I’m sure you’ve smelled it when you’ve walked into a nail salon that uses it because you’ll find yourself cringing your nose and gasping for air when you come in contact with it. It’s for this main reason EMA is being replaced with far superior products such as shellac gel and dipping powder.

What are the advantages of gel and powders over EMA? Many, but first please understand acrylics are still used in gels and powders and it will probably be that way for many years to come. However, the difference is that gels and powders do not use traditional EMA acrylic, which is what gives you the harsh odors. There are many various chemical forms of acrylic and acrylic itself is actually an incredible invention and has many uses in non-EMA offerings. The reason traditional acrylic was used for so long in the nail industry is because the EMA in it was very effective in drying the nails quickly and it was a reliably strong product. However, products like UV Gels are making use of EMA irrelevant.

The following are some other specific advantages that gels are having over traditional acrylic. UV gel, namely Shellac Gel (created by CND company) is better in regards to: strength, flexibility, natural looking shine, 14-day durability, protection of nail bed, curing time, plus easy removal through acetone does not leave nails dry thin or torn.

As plainly seen gels have quite the advantage over traditional acrylics. The only down side might be that Shellac gels need to be applied and repaired by a professional. Note: To be fair, Shellac is not complete gel (it’s a hybrid) but it does have gel in it and Shellac is usually what people want when they ask for a gel manicure.

Now let’s look at some of the advantages powders have over traditional acrylics and even gels. Powders are better than traditional in regards to: incredible true to life color selections & shades, faster application, absolutely no smell, lighter weight than gels or traditional, non-porous, longer shine and can last up to 8 weeks, soak off is even faster than gel, maintenance free, water resistant, no UV light, and in addition powders have many of gels advantages and more.

It is for the reasons listed above that we believe gels and powders are the best choice over all with powders having a slight advantage over gels. Traditional EMA Acrylics have had their day in the spot light for decades but now the new superstars are in place and overturning the market.

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