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San Antonio, this is our promise to you. We will never do the hard sell regarding facial or cosmetic products during your visit as this may make your experience less memorable. We will make suggestions and provide expert advice but we will not insist you buy any products. Why? Because we want you to see and feel the results of the service and products we are providing and let you make up your own mind. Our focus is on providing you a memorable experience and tangible results. Product sales are a far second. If we can’t add value, then we won’t do it.



facial san antonio

Thai Classic Facial 35 Min, (35 min)

  • $44


Use of top quality skin purifying, refining and enriching products. Also includes deep cleansing exfoliation, hot towel, & light head and temple massage.



Thai Paradise Facial 60 Min, (60 min)

  • $74


All of Thai Classic Plus mask, use of hot and cold compress, steam to neck & face, light massage of shoulders, arms and legs. 



Near Nirvana Facial, (90 min)

  • $105


A mixture of essential oils and moisturizers massaged into your back for 30 mins, then over for Thai Paradise Facial. Very popular. 



Facial Enlightenments:

Add Gold Mask-         

  • $12                          

Blackhead Extraction-      

  • $6      

facial in san antonio
Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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