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We value you as a guest and as a part of our great appreciation, we want to give back to you in the form of rewards which offer additional discounts or in some cases even free products and services. 


  • With ViduraRewards℠ you’ll earn 20 SerenityPoints℠ with every $1 dollar spent on Vidura Gift Cards/Certificates and Vidura retail products. 


  • In addition you’ll receive 20 SerenityPoints℠ with every $1 dollar spent in the Vidura Spa on any service. 


  • SerenityPoints℠ never expire*.


  • You're automatically enrolled, just spend and enjoy!

san antonio nail salon

ViduraRewards℠ point conversion:


600 SerenityPoints℠ = 1 ViduraDollar.


You'll be notified at every $5 mark to either use them or keep them rolling. 


1 ViduraDollar℠ has the same buying power as 1 US Dollar within the Vidura Day Spa and may be used on any Vidura product or service. 

Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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