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Many consider Vidura as one of the best eyelash extensions in San Antonio. Why? Attention to detail. We care and we really do want you to be thrilled about your lashes; whether it's to catch someone else's eyes or just doing it for yourself. Whatever the reason or occasion, feel confident knowing we use only the best lash kits in the world like Minky® Products. Vidura is the best in business when it comes to eye lash extensions. In addition, we don't do memberships so come and go any time you please.



Individual Eye Lash Extensions

(choose your style: volume, cute, sexy, natural, etc.)


Classic Full Set -               $99

Hybrid Full Set -              $129

Volume Full Set -             $159


Eyelash Extension Refills 

Classic refill 2 weeks -        $59

Classic refill 3 weeks -        $69

Hybrid refill 2 weeks -        $69

Hybrid refill 3 weeks -        $79                  

Volume refill 2 weeks -        $79

Volume refill 3 weeks -        $89

Mini-Fill (a week or less)-  $38


After 4 weeks, full price            


Eyebrow Menu  

Hybrid Tint -                                       $59

Ombre Powder Brows -                    $399

Ombre Powder Brow Touch up -   $120

Nano- Hairstroke Brows -               $499       


NOTE: Individual Extensions are charged a non-refundable $50 deposit at time of booking due to the large block of time the service requires.

Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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