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Among The Best Massage Places in San Antonio

In search of one of the best massage places in San Antonio? We've been waiting for you. Did you know that massage is a form of meditation, only with another's assistance? Massage is the ultimate stress reliever. Is it any wonder that doctors are discussing massage with thier patients more than ever; or why more insurance plans are now covering or reimbursing for massage? It's something we at Vidura have known for quite awhile, that massage is great for you. Let one of our expert massage therapists put your mind at ease.


Upon choosing a body massage you will be lead back to one of our quiet private rooms where you will experience inner peace and harmony on a higher level; with not only your massage but the gentle sounds of Thai music.  All of our massages offer enlightenment upgrades if you choose.

massage places in san antonio

Our signature Thai/Swedish massage (available as Enlightenment below) is just the right balanced mix of relaxing Swedish and interactive Thai massage. What is Thai massage? Thai massage has some of the same qualities as Yoga and involves mild stretching and breathing with the assistance of the therapist; you'll love it and it will change your life.

One hour sessions are exactly that, 60 minutes, not 50 minutes as you may have seen elsewhere. We pride ourselves on providing 60 minute massages that are the same price as the big chains 50 minute massages. If you're passionate about finding one of the best massage places in San Antonio, then you have found your place we have the best massage therapist in San Antonio.


Our massage therapists are licensed and regulated and most with at least 5 years experience. 

Mandala Bliss Essential Oils Massage

  • 30mins - $40


  • 60 mins - $72


  • 90 mins - $102


  • 120 mins - $139

  • Couples Massage - $144     (1 hr. each)


All Mandala Bliss massages include high quality essential oils your body needs and is similar to Swedish massage but with our signature Thai Hospitality and includes Aromatherapy. Tiger Balm upon request.



Massage EnlightenmentAdd-On's:


Prenatal - $15                                                


Hot Stone - $20                        

Thai/Swedish Mix - $20  

Deep Tissue - $20


Full Thai Massage - $20


Back Walking (barefoot Ashiatsu style) - $20               


Cupping - $25       

Thai Herbal Ball - $25


Scalp Massage - $10


More on: Thai/Swedish mix is a little more interactive and must be performed by a professional taught in Thai massage and by appointment only. You may also be asked to wear loose fitting stretchable tops and bottoms that we provide.

More On: Bare foot Ashiatsu style is performed by therapist using bare feet and overhead bars for support & leverage. Similar to deep tissue but with feet.


More on: Thai Herbal Medicine Ball. This uniquely Thai experience is wonderful for the senses. The Thai herbal medicine ball uses 12 unique Thai herbs for healing and relaxation. You may also take the medicine ball home with you after your session for use in the shower or soaking bath, it's good for up to one week. Please keep in mind if you are sensitive to Tiger Balm, Bengay or herbal type treatments then this option may not be for you. 



All of the above massage's can be performed 

for couples or friends in a couple’s room if desired.



thai massage san antonio
Thai Herbal Medicine Ball
Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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