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Greetings and Sawadee-kaa(p)! Under the hood of Vidura is the family and staff engine which makes Vidura the place that it is. The force and co-founder that started this whole momentum is Wai (pronounced Y), or better known as Saffron by her friends & long time guests.


Saffron began her beauty studies back in the mid to late 90's with 8 months at Hanako (the top Japanese facial school in Asia), and then after a year and a half of study at Rungrit and Beauty Systems Institute she became certified in full cosmetology and massage. After working for several local high end salons in Thailand, Saffron opened up her first day spa in Bangkok called Pretty 4 U which centered around Thai women aesthetics.


When Saffron got married and moved to U.S.A. she sold her business in Thailand and hoped to open even more doors in beauty and massage in the U.S. Saffron spent many years learning English and attending school to become certified in cosmetology and massage at Bella Beauty School and Therapeutic Body Concepts.


Saffron has spent many more years working at various day spas and salons in the NW sector of San Antonio and is very well known by customers and businesses alike and both admire her dedication to the industry.

Our entire staff is highly trained, certified and friendly. Come by and say hello!

spa in san antonio

Fun Fact: The “Wai” is a greeting in Thailand, it consists of a slight bow with hands pressed together in prayer fashion and is a symbol hospitality, humility, respect & service.

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