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Among The Best Nail Salons in San Antonio

We are constantly rated as one of the best nail salons in San Antonio. Why? Keep reading. There are many nail salons in San Antonio but we take the utmost care to protect your nail's natural surface. One thing you won’t find in our spa is offensive nail orders given off by traditional acrylic EMA (ethyl methacrylate). We pride ourselves on being traditional acrylate free. There really is no reason to use traditional acrylic any longer when you have a wide variety of far superior products on the market such as powder and gel. You will no longer feel the need to rush out of the nail salon because of the odors, we've brought enjoyable back to the industry. In addition, we are one of the very few nail salons that use conditioned soft water for your hands and feet. 

So if you are ready for one the best pedicures or manicures in San Antonio, let one of our technicians work thier magic. 





Classic Joy Manicure

  • $25


Careful nail trim and cuticle with soak, file and shape, polish, plus mild massage with high end hydrating lotions and wonderful aromatic products. Your hands and fingers will leave softer than when you arrived.  



Shellac Gel Manicure

  • $37


All of Classic Joy as well.    



Dipping Powder Manicure

  • $48


All of Classic Joy as well. 

Color Change 

  • Classic $15

  • Shellac $29

  • Dipping $39


Manicure Enlightenment Upgrades℠ :


Hot Towel-                           $5 

French-                                  $7

Paraffin-                               $10

Hand Scrub                         $10

Nail Design-                       $5 to $15

Hand Spa Treatment-     $30


$6 to $25

($6 for Dip/Shellac Remove w/nail service. $15 w/no nail service.

Acrylic $20 w/nail service, $25 w/no nail service)

 note: We do colors on your natural nails, no acrylic, tips or extensions.




*Kids Menu*

Mini mani -            $15

Mini pedi -             $30

Mini mani/pedi-  $35

polish change-      $10

*Kids are considered up to age 6. Over age 6 up to pre-teen (11) price will be determined based on difficulty and time. Over age 11 is adult  pricing.

manicure san antonio





Sabai Classic Pedicure, (40 mins)       

  • $39


Relax your senses while your feet soak in a cozy bath of salt essence. Treatment includes essential oils and lotions, an exfoliating scrub and mask of spa's choice; Plus nail trim and cuticle with soak, file and shape, polish, plus mild massage and hot towel to relieve tension & stimulate circulation by our hospitable staff.  




Utopian Treasure Pedicure℠, (50 mins)

  • $48


All of Sabai Classic for 50 minutes plus your personal aroma choice of enhanced bath salt essences, lotion, scrub and mask, with all natural ingredients.




Pure Shangri-la Pedicure℠, (65 mins)       

  • $65


All of Utopian Treasure plus medical grade paraffin wax for ultra smooth skin and hot stone massage which will expand blood vessels & encourage blood flow to relieve chronic stress. Best value. 



*Aromas for bath salt, lotions, scrub/mask:  


Green Tea, Lavender, Rose, Milk & Honey. 




Pedicure Enlightenment Upgrades℠ :


French-                                       $7

Hot Stone-                                $10

Nail Design-                           $5 to $15

Paraffin (Sabai/Utopian)- $10

Shellac Gel-                              $15 



Note: We use medical grade paraffin and never reuse it & dispose of it when finished.


Color Change 

  • Classic $15

  • Shellac $25


$6 to $25

Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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