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Thai foot massage is an ancient technique of applying pressure to various areas on the soles of the feet. Stimulation to certain areas of the foot create beneficial "reflex" actions in other parts of the body. Hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles and small wooden rods are used to massage areas of the foot.

The secrets of Reflexology were passed down through generations of monks close to the Thai Royal Palace. Today, Wat Pho is the world renown school and holder of Thai body and foot massage knowledge. Some of our expert therapists have attended there. 



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Thai Reflexology is combination of a few East ancient cultures. There are thousands of sensory nerve endings in a person's foot that connect to the body's internal organs. It is believed that stimluation of these nerve endings can result in better overall health and also bring deep feelings of balance, relaxation and well-being.

Some say you have never truly visited Thailand until you’ve had a Thai foot massage, with this experience you can say you’ve kind of been there San Antonio.


Be gently put under the spell of deep relaxation and sleepiness during your session.


Inner Peace Thai Foot Massage,


30 mins-



60 mins



Enlightenment Add On-

Hot Stone- $12

reflexology san antonio
Vidura Thai Day Spa and Massage
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