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Bael Tea and Fruit

bael tea from Thailand

Ever heard of the Bael tree? Well neither did I until 2004 when it was served to me as a tea after a fantastic Thai style stretching massage in Bangkok. The fruit of the Bael tree is cut into slices and then dried to make tea. You can also just eat the fruit there of as well. The inside has an orange aromatic smell and taste similar to marmalade and has a rose like aftertaste on the pallet. When you drink it in tea form, it can be enjoyed hot or cold. We plan on having this wonderful tea available for you to enjoy.

bael fruit

The Bael fruit is sometimes called the wood apple by foreigners or matum by Thai nationals. The tree is actually thought to have originated in India where they regard the tree as holy and sacred (we just think it tastes good). The fruit, leaves, roots and bark has a wide variety of medical uses throughout SE Asia and is thought to help with a variety of aliments including dysentery, skin rash, constipation, cholesterol, etc. It also believed to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties among many other known and unknown benefits. Its vitamin content is among the highest of fruit trees. This hardy tree is known to live in climates from -7C to 48C and has been found from the tropics to the lower regions of the Himalayans.

Bael tree

The fruit and tea is hard to find in America, even in Thai restaurants, let alone San Antonio, but we will bring this great tea from the far regions of SE Asia to our spa for you to enjoy.

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