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Spa Architecture & Layout in the Alamo City

Greetings San Antonio. Here’s a quick update on progress. Concerning layout, we’ve decided to go with an approach that pretty much splits the space 50/50. Fifty percent of the spa will be dedicated to massage/lash/waxing and the other half will be dedicated to manicure and pedicure. The back half will have 6 massage rooms with one of the rooms used for multi-purpose waxing, facial, threading and massage. Two massage rooms can be converted into one large room for couple’s massage. We will also have two or three rooms with overhead hanging wooden bars used for back walking, we just haven’t decided which rooms yet. There will also be a multipurpose staff room in the very back. The bathroom will be right in the middle.

San Antonio spa design

In the front half will be the manicure, pedicure, and the waiting/reception area. There will be at least 4 pedicure and 4 manicure station, maybe more. The waiting area is cozy, meaning small 😊 but reception area is open and will have an area to get your favorite beverage before your session. The front will have a hanging ceiling vs an open ceiling to help cut down on noise for the rear massage areas.

We have picked out some nice colors and wall paper and can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s up. We’ve gone back and forth on porcelain tile vs vinyl vs wood flooring but have settled on a commercial grade vinyl most likely. We also splurged on some great recessed lighting in certain places.

San Antonio massage

Orchestrating this new spa build out has been quite the task. You must be a jack of all trades. We have been the business planners, the marketers, the finance office, admin, construction supervisor, etc. You name it we’ve done it. We also had our number of disagreements with the architecture firm on planning and delays but would finally come to common terms. I was schooled on many things about building a new business and became very familiar with how permitting works and even knowing what to present and where when going downtown to the City of San Antonio Planning and Development office, they know us very well now, lol. Anyway, construction is well on its way, trenching is complete, walls are up, electrical is installed and HVAC systems are next. The front Vidura Spa sign should be up in the next few weeks. Be on the look out for the big LED sign.

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