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The What & How on Eyelash Extensions

It goes without saying that extensions to your eyelashes must be performed with extreme care and attention to detail; but what and how exactly must extensions be performed and what about the maintenance that goes along with them? We are going to consider both of these questions.

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As stated in previous blogs, eyelash extensions should be performed by a trained professional using the best products such as Minky® or Xtreme Lashes®. With that being said, the next thing you will want to do is discuss the style of extensions you will want to apply, such as volume, cute, natural, medium, etc. Lengths can range from 6mm all the way to 17 mm. Longer, fuller sets will feel heavier and you may not want to use those, so keep that in mind when choosing a style.

Next, choose if you want individual or flare lashes. Keep in mind it usually takes between two to three hours to perform individual eyelash extensions by a professional. Flare full set only takes about 45 minutes. So prepare ahead so you are ready to spend this amount of time for your appointment. Once you have chosen your set, your cosmetologist will prep around your eyes by cleaning, drying and applying an adhesive pad to gently pull the skin around the eye for work.

If you have chosen individual lash extensions your lash professional will closely examine the structure of your natural eyelashes and decide if your lashes should be applied mostly from the bottom of your lashes, to the side, top or a combination of all three. In most cases your lashes will be applied from the bottom for a more natural look.

Here are some of the most important things a professional should be mindful of when performing individual extensions on you:

  1. Lashes should never be grouped together.

  2. Lashes should NOT be applied to your natural baby lashes as it will kill them by pulling on them and eventually you won’t have most of your natural lashes after several refill sessions.

  3. Individual lash extensions do not take 1 hour and if someone promises 1 hour be aware.

  4. We want you to come back for refills and if a poor job is done eventually you won’t have enough lashes for us to extend on to so please use professionals only.

Here are a few things you can do maintenance wise once you have your new lashes:

  1. Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours.

  2. Don’t use mascara – your lashes look great by themselves.

  3. Sleep on your back (or side if you must) but not stomach.

  4. Brush them morning and night.

  5. Refill every 2 to three weeks.

  6. Do not rub, pick or pull at your lashes.

  7. Do not attempt to remove lash extensions yourself to avoid damage to your natural eyes.

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Applying eyelash extension can be one of the most dramatic and “eye catching” things you can do to enhance your appearance in the beauty world so make sure you do it right with the right people 😊.

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