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What is Thai Massage

thai massage in san antonio

Thai massage is relatively new in San Antonio so it’s understandable why most people are still unsure as to what Thai massage is really about. 10 years ago I don’t think you could even find a real and authentic Thai massage in San Antonio. The Thai culture has definitely grown in San Antonio since then and you can now find a few good and fairly authentic Thai massage spots to visit.

So what exactly is Thai massage and where did it’s roots spring up from exactly? The history of Thai massage is quite interesting. It was originally called Nuad Boran (ancient massage) and started in the Thai area around the time Jesus Christ walked the Earth. This ancient massage was similar to Yoga and used acupressure and other techniques on the patient. The man who was first recorded performing this type of massage was from India. Most of the massage teaching techniques were passed down verbally instead of being written down. Some say this was done to block outsiders who were not royalty from gaining this knowledge. Much of what is known today is not nearly as much as what was known before the Burmese invaded Ayutthaya in 1767.

Thai massage, or as some call it, assisted Yoga, is the movement of the body to obtain stretching that you can’t attain by simple exercise and practice by yourself. In Thai massage, the compression and stretching of the body generates rhythmic breathing. This breathing technique when combined with the body movement can bring about a powerful mind/body experience which produces a sense of peace and wellbeing. The results of which are even being studied today. In addition, constriction of blood flow into the legs using pressure points and then sudden release which creates warm feeling is also a part of Thai massage.

Thai stretching

What does Vidura spa offer? The owner and several employees are Thai born, grew up in Thailand, and have attended Thai massage schools in Thailand. We perform a Thai-Swedish mix massage verses a full-on Thai massage. Most people in the United States have a hard time with full on Thai massage as it can be slightly painful and not exactly what most America’s think of when they get a massage. Our Thai-Swedish mix takes the best qualities of Swedish and Thai massage and provides something very pleasing to you, the customer. We sometimes call it a lazy persons’ Thai massage as you can still mainly lie there as you would with a Swedish massage, but you still get many of the stretching benefits of the Thai version because the therapist is doing most of the pulling, bending and stretching for you. We also skip some of the painful stretches usually performed when sitting up straight in a normal Thai massage, which also distracts from of the more relaxing features of a Swedish massage. Try our signature Thai Swedish massage mix, it will change your life.

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