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Valentine’s Day (Couple’s) Massage

valentines day massage

What is it with Valentine’s Day that makes us think about our significant other? Is Valentine’s Day more romantic than other days? or is it just a reminder to think about them more. For me it’s more like a hard stop, a forced time to re-evaluated myself for the past several months or year and to make sure that my partner knows that I deeply love and care about them if I haven’t already made that effort some other time during the year. There are many ways to show you care and love your life partner this time of year, some ways are just as simple as giving a card and maybe some flowers, other ways are more complex and let’s say humm… costly. But if you’re like me you want to find a happy medium more often than not. That’s why I believe a massage, or better yet, a couple’s massage is one of the best ways out there to show them you care.

Wonderful dinner? Been there done that, besides you can eat out any time. Every once in awhile you need to do some thing special or different and massage nails it. Here are some top reasons I believe that massage is the best gift for both partners.

Pampered, few things say pampered like a relaxing massage, even when you go on a vacation somewhere you may go out of your way to get a calming massage. Think about the smell of jasmine, rose, lavender or other essential oils; nothing else sweeps you away quite like an indulging massage while calmly inhaling sweet aromas. Massage doesn’t have to be just body either, it could also be in the form of a rejuvenating facial. Reason number two, health; massage has been proven to be effective on emotional and metal health by reducing anxiety and increase feelings of well-being while in that deep state of rest. It’s also great for blood circulation as some recent research is proving that it may be good for your thyroid and lymph nodes. Third reason, pain relief; massage has been shown to reduce upper and lower back pain, shoulder tightness, as well as provide relief from some forms of headache and even fibromyalgia. Add in some light Thai massage stretching and you’ve got improved flexibility, add in deep tissue or Ashiatsu style (back walking) massage and you’ve got major relief from knots and kinks.

valentine massage

Lastly, I believe massage is great for lifting the mood of individuals. It’s a known fact in the medical field that massage helps in the release of serotonin and dopamine, the bodies natural feel good chemicals. Imaging soft, deep music relaxing you and your partner away as you sink deeper into your massage table during a memorable massage. What a better way to spend your Valentine’s time together.

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