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Dip Powder Nails: The Skinny

dip nails in san antonio

Three years ago (2015) when we were first putting together the foundations and business plans for our spa in San Antonio, we knew we would skip doing traditional fume-causing headache acrylics altogether and instead use best in class SNS dipping powder and Shellac instead. It was a gamble as there were no known dipping powder or shellac only nail salons in San Antonio or anywhere that we knew of. We knew dipping powder and shellac was a healthier for your nails and body in general, but we didn’t know if others out there felt the same way as we did. Our fears were soon alleviated months after opening and finding out that many others also appreciated the lack of nauseous fumes caused by traditional acrylics. We then began to educate the masses on the superior benefits of dipping powder and shellac and especially dipping power. Below is dip powder in a nutshell.

The dipping powder advantage:

1. No dust inhalation as you would normally get by doing traditional acrylics or UV exposure as you would even with gels.

2. Dips do not contain formaldehyde, toluene or DBP as a standard.

3. Some dip products contain vitamins and calcium.

4. Dip color is in powder form, so it won’t stick you’re your skin around your nails like typical nail polish does.

5. No more premature peeling or chipping.

nails in san antonio

The process:

The tech cleans and smooths out your nail surface as they would during any manicure. Your nail is then prepped with a base coat for dip and powder is applied in a “dipping” motion with your nails into the powder if doing yourself or brushed on if at a salon. The excess is then shaken off. The base coat and dip is performed several times to provide color depth and strength. After dipping your nails in the powder, your nails are filled and buffed, then sealed with a sealant and lastly a clear protective top coat polish is applied. A vitamin oil is applied later and that’s it. Most dip sets last 2 to 4 weeks depending on what your doing with your hands.

In closing:

Dip powder nails are lighter and arguably stronger and last longer than most anything on the market today. If you haven’t trying dipping and feeling weight free, then you’re missing out.

Note: Dip powder removal process is similar to other nail types and should only be performed by a highly trained professional, like us!

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