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Terms and Conditions for All Vidura Programs

Vidura Benifits Terms & Conditions:


  • 1st missed appointment fee waived, 2nd missed appointment and onward are charged 30% of scheduled service. Late arrivals 15 minutes passed scheduled appointment are charged 20% of total on nail services but late massage appointments are simply reduced in total time in service but charged full price of service. 

  • Bookings made in advance for parties of 6 or more require a non-refundable 20% deposit. Cancelations are allowed with full deposit refund if canceled 4 days before appointment time.

Gift Card Rules, Terms & Conditions:


1. Gift cards must be used with-in 1 year of issue.

2. Gift cards may not be used with any other advertising discount.

3. ViduraRewards™ may be used to purchase Gift Cards.

4. Gift cards/certificates are void where prohibited by law.

5. You may not use gift cards to buy gift cards.

6. Gift cards do not have cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

7. Any unused balance remains on balance until used or one year expiration.

8. In some cases ID may be required to use gift card.

9.  If Vidura LLC believes gift cards were purchased fraudulently then Vidura has the right to refuse gift card and service.

10. Vidura LLC has the right to cancel gift card if it is found that a credit card chargeback rejected bank payment for the gift card.

Terms and Conditions on ViduraRewards℠: 


a.  ViduraRewards℠ is for members 18 years and older. 


b.  ViduraDollars℠ are issued in whole amounts, no fractions or decimal amounts given. No SerenityPoints℠ are issued for purchases that are not in whole dollars. For example, the result of spending $20.50 on Vidura services will result in 200 SerenityPoints℠ not 205 SerenityPoints℠. 


c.  SerenityPoints℠ are not awarded for refunds, cancellations or purposely fraudulent bookings. 


d.  Neither ViduraDollars℠ nor SerenityPoints℠ can not be transferred to another guests' account.  


e.  ViduraDollars℠ have no value in real world purchasing of items outside of the Vidura Day Spa environment and are not meant in any way to substitute real U.S. Dollars. SerenityPoints℠ and ViduraDollars℠ have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or gratuity. Members do not own SerenityPoints℠ and are the property of Vidura LLC. 

f.  You, the guest, are responsible for tracking and making sure your SerenityPoints℠ are accurate, we do our best to track points but the guest is ultimately responsible. You are also responsible for providing your guest number so SerenityPoints℠ may be awarded. 


g.  Vidura LLC takes no responsibility for lost SerenityPoints℠ or ViduraDollars℠ due to computer/software failures. Vidura LLC will do its best to protect all data and system data that collects information in ViduraRewards℠. However, Vidura LLC cannot possibly take responsibilities for software, network and computer system failures that are designed by other companies.


h.  Awarding and redeeming of SerenityPoints℠ and ViduraDollars℠ is at the sole discretion of Vidura LLC. Any member we feel that is violating the terms of the ViduraRewards℠ program, violating the law, causing harm to others, or violating the spirit of ViduraRewards℠ may be terminated from the program at any time. 


i.  The entire ViduraRewards℠ program can be dissolved at any time upon Vidura LLC’s discretion which would result in an automatic forfeiture of all banked SerenityPoints℠ and ViduraDollars℠.  


j.  Anyone who is a paying guest is auto enrolled in the ViduraRewards℠ Program and agrees to the terms and conditions listed above. At any time a guest may release themselves from the ViduraRewards℠ program if they wish if done so in writing. 


The ViduraRewards℠ program started on April, 1st 2016. 

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