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Lights, Camera, Action San Antonio! Vidura Party Interviews & Thai Massage

This past memorial day weekend was lots of fun. We had a party with our current clients who have been with us for so long and for new comers who are interested in what Vidura is all about. We would like to give a special big thanks to Pam who catered all the delicious Thai food everyone enjoyed, thanks Pam. The green curry and chicken were awesome and we are still eating all we can today! I can’t remember how many people told me they loved the Teavana® Orange Blossom Tea or the Chai Tea. The aromas the orange tea gave off were off were intoxicating. I would like to thank our videographer, Humberto Hernandez and photographer, Andrew Lopez, you guys did a great job getting the guests involved. I would also like to thank our guests and clients who didn’t know they were going to be models until the last minute, lol, sorry about that but we appreciate your volunteering.

thai massage in san antonio

We can’t wait to service all the new people we booked and really show them the Thai hospitality and service difference. We received many questions about Thai massage and how we stand out from other service providers in the area and San Antonio as a whole.

One of our specialties that continued to come up in conversation was our Thai-Swedish massage mix. This signature massage of Vidura (which is an Enlightenment℠ to our base massage) takes the best of Thai massage, which includes more interaction with the guest by breathing and stretching (think mild Yoga) and combines it with the relaxation of Swedish massage. Basically you are getting the best of both worlds in a Thai Swedish massage mix, half Thai and half Swedish. We also do full on Thai massage but we notice that most Americans are not able to fully participate in this, as full Thai massage can be painful, all be it beneficial.

Have you had a full Thai massage in San Antonio, the U.S. or Thailand? What’s your experience with Swedish massage? We’d love to hear your experience’s in the comments section below of our Blog.

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