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Naturally I've been thinking about spa design lately as we are planning on how to build our retail space out. I never cease to be amazed at all the various day spa designs I’ve seen everywhere I go around the world. I love almost all of them and have a hard time choosing a favorite but I do have a few designs that continue to stick out in my mind. The following are a few ideas I hope to incorporate in some small way into our day spa.

Water. A reoccurring theme in all day spas seem to be water. And why not. For some reason water has a calming effect on us all and has been used in bath houses from the time of the Greeks and Romans. From still water to flowing water to water falls, they all trigger an incredible soothing and relaxing response inside of us. We have a deep connection with water, monks in Thailand use it in various rituals, plus religions from all over the world use it in some form or another in their ceremonies.

One of the most memorable uses of water I’ve seen in day spa was at Tabacon Thermal Spa in Costa Rica. Tabacon spa is built at the base of a volcano in Northern Costa Rica and the water is rich in fantastic minerals your body absorbs. There is even fine ground natural volcanic black rock on the bottom of all the streams and natural pool areas which can be used as a scrub on your body. Now naturally I can’t put a volcanic hot springs into my spa but it does give me inspiration in regards to water sounds, waterfalls, mineral water, and the use of paintings.

Next on my list is the use of art. I love art that inspires peacefulness and bliss, I eat it up. However, I quickly run out of room on my walls and home; I’m so thankful we will be able to share and display much more art at our day spa. Some of the most influential relaxing art I saw was actually not even at a day spa, it was at an art gallery in Bangkok called La Lanta Art and Frame. I went here years ago and it was here that I discovered the work of Visarute Angkatavanich before he became famous. You’re probably thinking I’ve never heard of this guy before, well maybe so but I’m sure you have seen his work on the IPhone 6s. Yes, those preloaded Siamese fighting fish images on your IPhone 6s are from Visarute. His images are deeply beautiful, awe inspiring, fashion forward and peaceful. This gallery also led me to other Thai artists that use wood carvings and 24kt gold canvas paintings which will most definitely be used in our spa.

The last inspiration item on my list for today is the use of tranquil spaces. Now this was a tough one. There are so many great uses of peaceful spaces at all day spas I’ve been too. However, the one I’m most draw to is the reception and relaxation area of Encore Day Spa at The Wynn Las Vegas. They have mastered the welcome and waiting areas for their spa. I could have waited all day for a delayed appointment in the lounge area of Encore and not even given it a second thought. They have fresh fruit and complimentary drinks while you wait and the same when you finish your service appointment. I would like to incorporate their use of lighting, comfortable chairs and ambiance, along with complimentary drinks into our spa.

I could go on and on all day and night on this subject and I wish I could, but I must continue to plan and move forward in our own spa design. Have you been to any of these places? Or seen something even more awe inspiring? Let us know below.

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