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First Few Weeks Reflection

Thai day spa and massage

Doors are open and business is running. The turnout for the first few weeks is leaps and bounds above what we expected to see for initial opening which such a relief. In the first week or two all our original Vidura pioneers showed up in droves bringing in friends and family which really helped the boat lift. We just want to thank you guys so much from the bottom of our heart, you know who you are! The next wave of clients came from our employees which also was wonderful. Now in our third week, the top way customers are finding us is by simply driving by. It’s so nice to have a location people find easy and convenient to stop by. The 50k traffic counts a day don’t hurt either 😊.

The 2nd most powerful way customers are finding us is by word of mouth. People can’t help recommending us to people they know at work, church or elsewhere and our reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook show this. They love the style, cleanliness, location, dipping powder, massage and well just about everything! As of this writing we have 11 five star reviews on Yelp (mostly about eyelash extensions), 9 all five stars on Google (mostly family reviews loving the service and atmosphere), and 14 all five star reviews on Facebook on a mix of pedicure, manicure and pretty much all our day spa services.

massage rooms

The third most common way people are finding is through Yelp, Google Maps, social media, and other online venues. Good to know our online marketing campaigns are also paying off. We had one of the owners of Massage Heights come in and get a service a couple days ago, very surprising. He was wearing a Massage Heights polo shirt (not even hiding it). We asked him how he was connected to Massage Heights and replied that he was an owner of one of the local franchises! Nothing like your competitors coming in check you out. That’s a little stressful but to be expected, right. I guess that means we are being noticed.

We are infants in running a day spa business but so far it’s been fantastic. We are beyond excited in this new venture and look forward to further fun and future prospects but mainly all credit and glory go to the Lord Jesus Christ to whom none of this would be possible or even mean anything.

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