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Location, Location, Location

As you may or may not know we have not had a blog article written in a long time. Why is this? Well frankly the location at Camp Bullis we had our eyes on, and made an offer to, fell through. But not because of anything we had done. The landlord of this new strip mall that was being built decided to give the entire building lease to a medical group. There was a pizza place, a dentist office and a few other possible tenants that also got the boot, lol. To be honest we are not upset at all. Things like this happen and I may have done the same thing if I was the landlord and was given the opportunity to rent out my entire location to a well know dependable medical group.

Nail Salon huebner road medical center

So once again began our quest to find a great new location that met our list of criteria. Finding the right location can be a game changer; a couple of times we thought we had found the right place, only to find we were too late or even too early. We never gave up hope. We truly believe that things happen for a reason and eventually turn out for the best. Enter our new location at 9702 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX 78240. It’s located at the edge of the Medical Center between USAA Blvd and Floyd Curl Dr., not far from the Spurs Practice Facility. This location shouldn’t be too far for anyone living near La Cantera, The Rim, or the general I-10 and 1604 area as access in and out is fairly easy.

medical center massage san antonio

There are a not that many professional massage spas on Huebner so we should fit in nicely. The nails salons are very run of the mill so we hope to bring new life into the area with our innovative products and different styles. There is also a hair salon called, Hair Affairs which in our same strip mall which is doing fantastic. As of this writing, they have 5.0 stars on Google reviews. We talked with the owner and the employees and they love it there.

Well the lease is signed, the architects’ are putting forth plans to MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumping) engineers in the city for the build so things are moving forward. Look for us to be complete somewhere around June. We will keep you all updated on progression!

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