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Paraffin Wax for Health & Extremely Smooth Skin

paraffin bath pedicure

I’ll have to admit I had a strange thought the first time someone asked me if I wanted paraffin wax when I was getting a pedicure, I believed they were saying something about a puffin bird; “…Puffin? No thanks I don’t think I need that…” Once I realized what the host was talking about I still rejected it because I didn’t know anything about it but now I desire it.

A little history on paraffin. Paraffin was not originally used in the beauty industry. It was initially used in the candle industry around the 1850’s because it was cleaner and cheaper than known candles and oil fuels at the time. Paraffin is the result of petroleum separation and refinement which has a naturally occurring waxy substance.

Paraffin has many advantages over candles (even bee’s wax) for beauty treatments but mainly it’s because of its much lower melting point, it would be extremely uncomfortable and painful to melt hot wax over a person’s hands, feet and body for smooth silky skin. However, beauty is not the only reason for paraffin treatments; doctors recommend routine paraffin treatment for various ailments, hence the reason why you can find paraffin baths at Walmart, Walgreens or CVS. Here’s a small list of reasons & advantages doctors might recommend paraffin treatments: sooth chronic arthritis join pain, relax stiff muscles, open pores, increase circulation, dry elbows and dry skin patches, and many other reasons.

We use medical grade paraffin from AllegroMedical. The paraffin we use is not just standard discount paraffin; our paraffin has essential oils and

san antonio pedicure paraffin treatment

minerals added in, is much softer, smells wonderful, retains heat longer and peels off the skin better than anything thing else out there. Our paraffin is so pure that the unscented version is food grade and can be eaten, although I wouldn’t recommend it. After receiving a paraffin treatment from Vidura you’ll be so happy with how smooth and great feeling your skin is that you’ll wonder how you did without it.

One major thing to be on the lookout for when getting a paraffin bath treatment in a spa is to ask if the paraffin has been reused. Yes, I know it sounds disgusting but unfortunately many spas out there reuse paraffin after it has already been applied to another client. The technician should be throwing away the paraffin in front of your eyes into the trash can and not carrying it away somewhere. Our cosmetologist will always do this in front of you.

Other interesting uses for paraffin wax: crayons, coating for cheese blocks, chewing gum additive, sealant in bottles cans and jars, lipstick, surf wax, and on it goes. But we are most happy for the simple reason it makes our skin look so lively and fresh.

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