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2 Years, 1 Great Location. We Need More of Everything!

Has it really been two years since we first opened our doors to San Antonio? Looking back, we didn’t really know what would happen after starting our small ‘all in one’ day spa concept. Sure, we did our homework but still nothing is 100% guaranteed in business. However, after being in business two years and starting our 3rd year, we are up over 50% year over year in sales, that’s over $500k in sales. After observing so many nail salons, massage spots and day spas we realized we could not find a place that had an all in one day spa that had quality massage, nails, eyelash extensions and other services such as waxing in the right equal proportions and with fair pricing. To get all these services you would usually need to go to a large high-priced day spa. We were determined to provide it all in small form factor at an easy to access location. This will also be our continued strategy going forward.

vision... planning... fulfillment

Having said that. We now realize, we need more of everything! We need more pedicure chairs, manicure stations, and couples massage rooms. We even need more employees! The space we have now is great but we would like to eventually open more locations around the city to relieve some of the traffic we have at the Medical Center location. Any spas going forward will be under 2000 sq. ft to keep costs down and allow easy plug-ins to new and existing easy to access strip malls but the 500 added sq. ft will be an even better balance for our techs to serve all.

Speaking of employees; thinking of the first 3 to 4 employees we started with and the 10 that we have now, we realize that finding the right certified technicians with the correct focus on hospitality, kindness and quality is job one. Find the right personality and train them well. We thank God for our low turn over rate, our techs love the fairness in treatment, the benefits, and the natural family like setting we instill. We are kind of like the Chick-fil-A of the spa industry, we like to bring gospel inspiration to our guests and team members when the spirit leads. We are a business but we remind ourselves daily what it’s really all about, being in Thankfulness for all we have, helping one another and uplifting each other.

Getting back to the reason we started. We really believe our guests are truly connecting to our spa concept and it’s because of some of these leading factors. First is our full 60-minute massages instead of industry standard 50, this is highly unusual in our line of business but we firmly believe it provides a fullness of relaxation that is not felt in big chain outlets. Second, we don’t carry memberships, another unusual anomaly, our guests come and go as they please, they get the same or higher quality massage as the big chains without the membership hassles. Third, we utilize the experience of our native Thailand staff in unique Thai massage services which we receive raving reviews for. Lastly, we provide acrylic free smells in the nail area, our polishes are non-traditional based which allows everyone to breath easy. We can’t tell you how many times guests were so surprised at how wonderful smelling and clean our day spa is.

So here’s to growth and more Vidura Spa locations around San Antonio. Where would you like to see more Vidura Spa locations? Let us know as we have people traveling to our spa from Boerne, San Marcos and even Divine on a regular basis.

Be Blessed in Christ. Agape

Plan the Climb,

Climb the Mountain,








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