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Vidura Spa Launches Aparascent Online

The Owners of Vidura Spa, have launched the Aparascent web site.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Aparascent web site featuring health, beauty, home living, and day spa products, complete with education and reviews in all related topics. Some of you who have been with us for awhile already know about our fairly new product line, Aparascent, but many of you may have not known that we have started a web site,

I believe a little background of Aparascent is in call for most who have not heard of it. Aparascent was formed from the realized lack of high quality natural and organic products at a reasonable price in the day spa environment. Saffron Scogin and the founders of Vidura Day Spa began creating products that filled that gap for use in their day spa. Clients & employees enjoyed the products and began asking about them; The birth of Aparascent begins…

Now you can also enjoy all of our products, from handmade soaps, lotions, essential oils and reed diffusers to almost anything

health and beauty related, even apparel on occasion. Visitors to the site will also find useful education, tips and reviews on all things health, beauty, spa and home living.

It all began with research and investigation. Aparascent was born from a desire to improve life for ourselves, our clients and loved ones. We've built great relationships with our suppliers, industry experts, fair trade non profits, and business contacts. Finding the right product base was not easy to say the least. Every company and person has a different way of looking at business and the world. Finding the right match was like finding your fiancé. The right values, the right financial situation, the correct geographic location and just the right mixture of chemistry. Currently all of our products are produced state side in the USA.

Aparascent, Our values truly are truth honor, love and helping others...

We love The Lord and believe in helping others greatly, otherwise

why be alive, right? As we are instructed, we give to orphans,

widows and the poor. We do this outright and through various missions around the world, namely Asia and Africa. When you buy from us you are supporting great causes… We will always try and be as honest and truthful as possible and we pray the same for all.

To learn more about Aparascent, its product line, and its story visit Aparascent.

Be sure to also visit us on social, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and more, @aparascent.

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