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60 Minute Massages not 50

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Sometimes one hour doesn’t mean one hour. Sometimes one hour means 50 minutes, at least that’s what the big national chain massage companies would like you to believe. Many large chains such as Hand and Stone, Massage Envy, Massage Heights and many others advertise one-hour massages but in reality only give you 50 minutes of actual massage time. They say this is the industry standard but who really set this standard? There is no law in any of the 50 States that say a massage must be 50 minutes. This is something they use to pack more clients into a given day on a schedule. The reason is business efficiency at the expense of the customer.

Hey where did my 10 minutes go? So why are the large chains only giving you a 50-minute massage when they state one hour to the public? Well they say the 10 minutes must be used to prepare the room and massage table for the next guest. Ok, but how about pushing that 10 minutes into the next hour and schedule the next massage sometime after that? Why rush the client out the door at 50 after? Unfortunately, they put business productivity before customer.

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How is Vidura Spa different? We give full 60-minute massages and use the next 15 to 30 minutes as prep time for the next customer. Many of our employees have worked for the afore mentioned big chain massage companies in the past and complain the 10 minutes given to prep for the next customer is not enough time and they feel really rushed. They also mention, more often than not, that management tells them they must help gently push the client out of the room after 50 minutes, even if the customer has questions about massage health or facials. This is awkward and uncomfortable for the massage tech and the client.

Many massage techs also mention the 50-minute massage is not even 50 minutes in actuality, as the room needs a full 10 minutes to get ready for the next client because of the need to change sheets and prep the room. The client also needs time to awake from the massage, get up from the table, get dressed and look presentable. The 50-minute massage can now turn into a 48, 46 or even 45-minute massage. You can now see how this can turn into a downward spiral of unsatisfied customers.

You’re paying for a 60-minute one-hour massage so why should you accept a 50-minute massage? A 50-minute massage which more often than not requires you to sign a membership contract. If you haven’t experienced a full 60-minute massage with the freedom of no membership requirements, we welcome you to Vidura Spa.

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